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What We Do

Real Peoples History develops trusted and enriched educational content supporting First/Native Nations, Métis and Inuit studies in school curriculum. Teacher/student workshops, in-class presentations, public speaking and/or one on one mentoring are all offered by award winning author, Zig Misiak.


Raymond Skye and Zig Misiak collaborated and created the Six Nations Iroquois Program Teachers Resources Guide now used in 100’s of schools in Ontario, other parts of Canada and the United States. It is multi-cultural, cross-curricular and current. 

Book Publishing

Real Peoples History has published 5 books written by Zig Misiak. First Nations, Metis & Inuit based content from children’s books to biographies. You can order autographed copies here or visit independent book stores, museums and historic sites. Libraries can purchase through Libarybound Canada or United Library Service (western Canada)

Digital Content

Zig’s five (5) books come as e-Books and some with Audio CD’s.

Printed in Canada & Self Published

Zig supports ‘Independent Book Stores – Museums & Historic Sites’

Currently 702 schools use his resources.