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For over 50 years Zig Misiak has developed personal relationships within the First/Native Nations and  Métis communities. He has studied and learned much about their history and culture but still sees himself as a student in this area.

In addition to providing curriculum and related support to schools in Ontario and other parts of Canada, Zig’s mission is to familiarize, coach, present, and mentor all those who share his interest in history. He is very clear stating that he speaks about, but not for, the Native Nations and always takes into account both oral and written information, when available, respecting both sources.

Zig has brought his experiences to many committees and other forums and as a result has been acknowledged internationally, nationally, provincially and locally; most recently, June 2019, into Ancaster’s Hall of Distinction.

Zig, with his friend Raymond Skye, co-authored the Six Nations Iroquois Program Teachers Resource Guide now in hundreds of schools. Zig is an education partner with the school boards of Ontario in regards to Native/First Nations curriculum support.

In addition to being a Canadian Forces Veteran, RHLI, 1964-1969 Zig has also been a historic re-enactor for several decades portraying the Butler’s Rangers of the American Revolution and the Caldwell’s Rangers of the War of 1812.

Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond Jubilee Medal (Contributions to Canadian/First Nations history/culture)

Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers (National recognition for exceptional volunteer achievements)

Shining Star Award; Brantford/Brant/Six Nations/ Mississauga (Contributions to promoting history/heritage)

George & Olive Seibel Award
(Significant contributions promoting heritage in education)

YMCA Peace Medal Nominee (Promoting world peace & prosperity)

DIAMOND Certification
2016 Brant News Readers’ Choice Award