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Tonto: Jay Siverheels Q&A

Tonto: Jay Siverheels Q&A
August 11, 2015 Zig Misiak

Book Cover Tonto Jay Silverheels

Q – What is the significance of the title?

A – See page (i)

Europeans and many other cultures around the world take their lineage from the male side of the family. The Haudenosaunee/Six Nations/Iroquois did not.

Q – What is the word used to describe when children take the lineage from their mothers side?

A – Matriarchal. (Look up the definition for patriarchal)

A Mohawk, Bear Clan, woman gives birth to a girl. The girl grows up and she marries a Seneca, Turtle Clan, man. They have a son/girl.

Q – What is the sons/girls clan and nationality?

A – The boy or girl would be Bear Clan Mohawk.

On page 13 of the book you will see a reference to A.I.M.

Q – What is A.I.M. and what does is stand for?

A –  American Indian Movement. More information on their website

Read page 15.

Q – Would you say that North America was discovered? Explain your answer?

A – From the point of view of those that were not the inhabitants of this part of the world they were in fact discovering something new.

Refer to the map on page 16.

Q – Can you outline the territories occupied within the ‘orange’ area were the original Five Nations were located? Do you know the sixth? Do you know when they were added and where?

A – If you have the Six Nations Iroquois Program Teachers Resource Guide each nation is identified on their traditional lands. The sixth was the Tuscarora that came under the protection of the Six Nations early in the 18th century.

Q – Who was the Creator and through what process did he obtain this title?

A – Starting at page 18 this summarized outline of the Story of Creation gives the answer.

Clans were formed well before the coming of the Peacemaker and the evolution of the Great Law of Peace.

Q – What was it that the ‘young man’ saw that was hurting his people and what was his proposed solution?

A – Starting at page 20 you will understand how and why the clans were formed. It is important to note that all the diverse First/Native nations have their own clan symbols and definitions. Within the Haudenosaunee the clans have evolved through the centuries. Some have simply disappeared while others have been adopted form other nations. The Turtle Clan, for example, has/had the painted turtle, spotted turtle etc. and the Deer Clan also had the Ball Clan which was simply a doe, small deer.