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Western Hooves Reviews

  • “We French have a facination with the Iroquois and the history in your country due to our long relationship to Canada. Your book was very beautiful and easy to read and must be good for the students in yours schools.”

    Danielle Sezyk-MathieuReims, France
  • “I found the “Western Hooves of Thunder” to be a very interesting read. I enjoyed the colourful pictures that made me feel like I was reliving teh War of 1812, as my ancestors did. This book was meaningful to me as a Mohawk, and I will recommend it to my teachers and school at Six Nations.”

    Cameron McNaughtonAGE 10, Six Nations Territory on the Grand River
  • “We bought your beautiful little book, while in Canada in June, for our daughter wanting to know more about the Iroquois. An excellent story. Very similar to our history here in New Zealand.”

    Kap ai, Thank you, Ahurew
  • “The Western Hooves of Thunder is an excellent resource for youth to gain an understanding of a significant historical event in the 19th century. This book provides an accurate glimpse into a world where every day people are seldom recognized for their courage or contributions to society. Nia:weh, thank you, Zig for your respect of the Haudenosaunee.”

    Paula Whitlow, Woodland Cultural CenterSix Nations of the Grand River Territory
  • “Zig Misiak has given a valuable service for this community. He has written a lively and smooth flowing narrative about events of the War of 1812 in this area which directly involved and affected all of its citizens. Suitable for all ages!”

    Roy SkuceGreen Heron Books, Paris
  • “A wonderful book that should be translated into other languages. Our two children took it to school. All the children and the teacher were very excited to see this book from Canada. They are very interested to learn about the Iroquois.”

    Sylvan CoutandinBerlin, Germany
  • “As a family we read your book that gave us a very clear and interesting understanding of the War of 1812 and your community. Not only did the young ones learn more about that time in your history but we as adults learned a great deal as well. Thank you from down-under.”

    Victor LukacVictoria, Australia
  • “Zig has been a family friend for a long time so I know how much our local history means to him, especially around the Six Nations. This is a really good short story about an important event that will be interesting to everyone in our area.”

    Walter GretzkyHis Lord Mayor of Brantford and many other things
  • “Thoroughly enjoying Western Hooves of Thunder – you did a great job Zig and it is not only the ‘locals’ who are finding this piece of history contained within your little book extremely interesting. Keep up the good work!”

    Michelle HolmesLondon, England
  • “Congratulations indeed. I went to your sample pages and found them very readable with interesting coloured illustrations. There is a lot of history packed into every page and portrayed in an easy to understand format. As a teacher and a Loyalist descendant I am always happy to see our early Canadian history come to life in new and inviting formats.”

    Ruth NicholsonTeacher, UEL
  • “What a great story!!  Well written, fascinating subject, clearly explained through the use of footnotes, and beautifully illustrated.”

    David PutnamUEL, King’s Royal Yorkers, Canada
  • “The Haudenosaunee role is shown very inclusively with good historic value. I like the clear mention of “us” as allies. Zig, your book is easy to read and the illustrations are accurate even showing the center seam moccasins that we used. My “People” will like it very much.”

    Don Monture, Haudenosaunee EldeR Six Nations on the Grand River
  • “Congratulations on a fine title that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages. The illustrations are wonderful.”

    Major John R. Grodzinski CD, PhD, Dept. of History, The Royal Military College of Canada